The Cost of Fear

Anger strikes as I learn a University has decided to ban all nudity in plays, in light of “#metoo”. Why? I ask. “Its easier, and the male faculty are worried.”

If they’ve done nothing wrong, they shouldn’t be worried.

I repeat

If they’ve done nothing wrong, they shouldn’t be worried.

Here is a brief synopsis of why this is complete and total bull shit. And to me, these reasons are so goddamn obvious I can’t believe I have to comment on it publicly in hopes an educational facility will hear.

Reason One: Your fear is a pure act of laziness.  There is LOADS of options available to you in order to help not only teach the students how to manage intimacy and nudity on stage in a safe and respectful manner. Heres one I found of many.

Reason Two: By being a lazy fearful educator you are setting your students up for failure. When they complete their degrees in 4-5 years and step into the professional world, how are they supposed to understand what is appropriate, what isn’t, what works and what doesn’t if all you’ve shown them is hiding from a problem and instilling ignorance is the solution?

Reason Three: Your inaction is what causes cyclical abuse through ignorance. If you don’t know how to teach safe and respectful intimacy or onstage nudity, then learn. And just because you weren’t taught, or perhaps the manner in which you were taught was incorrect, isn’t a reason to keep it going.

In conclusion, your fear is costing a future generation of cultural practitioners the ability to progress.


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