Please suh…

Hello Dolly! on Broadway is currently $998 for one ticket. This news prompted me to contemplate the conundrum regarding the cost of a  performing arts ticket, and the creators who can’t afford to go. Before I go any further, I have no solution to this presented problem. I’m hoping you might.

New York Times wrote about Hello Dolly now beating Hamilton’s record for ticket costs. Read full article here. Around this time I was checking out costs to see Bat out of Hell when in Toronto. Looking at options, it seems I’ll be sitting in a row behind the back row, on a stool with a possible obstruction. Needless to say, I’m still going. Cause goddamnit I love Meatloaf.

So what the hell theatre? Why is so hard to afford you? I understand “things cost money”. Don’t patronize me with budgets. And I get the plight of funding. I get it, I get it, I get it. But still, what the hell? How have we managed to create something we love so dearly and can’t afford to attend?

Like I said, I don’t have a solution. I find the irony rage inducing and the only ideal which picks up my sad orphan Annie hard knock life face, is knowing I work in a world I love more than affordability. At least this is what I tell my parents.

And now to leave this in your head for the remainder of the day… “I would do anything for love…”



UPDATE (Oct 23 2017) I just found and read this article relating to the same issue I posted above, only this article strongly promotes quotes:

“As Thomas Schumacher, president of Disney Theatrical Group, told the New York Times: “If you’re a regular person who wants to see a Broadway show tonight, you can. There are tickets for $29. You may be priced out of the best seats at the hottest shows, but the same is true of a deluxe suite at the St Regis or a restaurant on New Year’s Day.”

Although I agree this is the current reality, I don’t agree with this premise.


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