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The number one priority is for you to read the recent study done with CAPACOA  and the Community Foundations of Canada. Its simply titled “Arts and Belonging”. For regular theatre practitioners, this study feels and reads as obvious facts. However for those who need to obtain proven facts and stats Arts go above and beyond ticket sales, audience numbers and “increasing restaurant and local business revenue” without having to resort to personal stories this is the one you need.  You can find the National report HERE.


City Councillor Patrick Johnstone has a knack for writing about the City of New West and its priorities. His blog is honest and to the point. It has become a daily read for me (well, daily check. He doesn’t always post daily) but recently the article which hooked me was his comments about the City of New West and its amazing summer of activities simply titled Trying Stuff.

Councillor Johnstone attributes much of the city festivals success on the current elected councillors and Mayor of having a  quote: “trying things instead of talking about trying things” attitude. I strongly agree. Although many projects and changes in a city need rigorous consultation, allowing those who are hired, fired up, and professional to do what they do best is an amazing way to allow fun to happen in your city.

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